Verified by Vervulling

At Vervulling, we are sticklers for quality.

That’s why we’ve created our own standards of quality and care that exceed the prevailing norms of the industry. 

Quick Facts

➡️ Verified by Vervulling isn’t just applicable to background and competency checks of MWPs. It’s also a gold standard for ensuring quality in all of our services, across various domains. 

➡️ Verified by Vervulling isn’t just limited to IAMH & Vervulling service providers. Others can apply for this too! 

➡️ Verified by Vervulling as a standard was introduced to ensure a consistent quality of care across the globe – even in emerging economies where local care standards aren’t fully developed.

Verified by Vervulling™ is the proprietary, stringent quality check by Vervulling Wellness®. 

It is a requirement for all Mental Wellness Professionals (MWPs) at Vervulling Wellness® – be it Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Counsellors, or other Mental Health Professionals.

All of these professionals are selected via a stringent multi-round selection process and have verified credentials. The minimum criteria all our MWPs must meet include:

✅ Masters Level Education (M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Psych., M.A.) in Psychology or Mental Healthcare

✅ At least 2 Years of experience, or an active supervisor to oversee client progress

✅ Continuous Professional Development to ensure MWPs are in touch with progress in the field 

✅ Demonstrable understanding of the principles of therapy and skills to be used

Over the last 12 months, our selection rate has been only 5% of over 100 applicants. Rest assured, with a Verified by Vervulling MWP, you’re in good hands!

The Registry

We will soon be introducing a registry for all entities that are Verified by Vervulling to make it easier for everyone to check for this status.