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Taking care of your mental health doesn't have to be expensive. With therapy sessions starting at just $30, mental wellness is a click away.

About Us

As we enter our fifth year of excellent service, Vervulling is proud to be guided by the Vervulling Values. You can be rest assured that all our services are science-backed, with a team that is focused on constant innovation and improvement, trustworthiness, and making the world a better place.

Client Testimonials

(Personally identifiable information changed to protect client confidentiality)

Happy clients from 10 countries across the globe

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“I have tried over 3-4 different therapist and finally with your team I have found the one! I am happy with the way she has been working on me. The approach, the way I am being treated is really satisfactory! Thanks! ”
A. P.
"My therapist is fantastic at his work. I have been doing weekly sessions with him and I feel better every time I see him. He is a good listener. Much recommended."
K. R.
“It was a great experience and yes psychotherapy really helps a lot especially when it is put forward in the correct manner, this was exactly what the doctor did, I could easily relate to the examples and models explained by him and I could easily put them to practice.”
S. J.

Our Services

Vervulling Wellness offers a number of options to make your mental health journey better:

Wellness First Mental Health

Online therapy that's easy to reach - affordable, high quality care by Vervulling Verified mental wellness practitioners that adhere to a strict quality standard and use evidence based approaches. Our ideology of wellness first counselling focuses on being able to thrive, not just survive. We believe in a holistic approach to health, not just pathologisation based treatment.

Queer Affirmative Counselling & Psychotherapy

Individuals who identify as a part of the queer community - an umbrella term that denotes a diverse range of sexual identities including LGBTQIA+ identities - face challenges, minority stress, and microaggressions that may need a nuanced understanding. Our QACP trained therapists may be perfect fit for you. Affirmative, not just inclusive.

Culturally Contextualised Counselling

Culture plays a huge role in how we interact with ourselves as well as others around us. To focus only on one's own cognition and biochemistry would be to understand half the picture. For a huge number of us, psychology normed on western eurocentric principles may not apply - and we need cultural context as BIPOC folx.

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85% of our clients come back after their initial session. Most recommend a friend or family member too. Find out how Vervuling can make a difference in your life!